Сommunity rules

1. Rules for communication in the game, Discord chat, and any other resources related to the community.

  1. Obscene language, spam, flood, and flame in any form are prohibited.
  2. It is forbidden to advertise or mention third-party sites, cheats, and other servers in chats, both gaming and Discord, as well as propaganda, both open and veiled. Exceptions are informational resources (articles, videos, and other materials that relate to the game and will be useful to players).
  3. Prohibited harassment and discrimination the participants of the chat for any reason, or basis.
  4. It is forbidden to use in steam nickname, character name and the name of your tribe: obscene language, advertising in any form and other offensive information.
  5. It is forbidden to use a name in the game that looks similar or exactly matches the names of the administration, registered players or tribes-names that confuse the identification of players: 123, Human, Admin,#@!% , etc.
  6. It is forbidden to post any content of an erotic nature (except if provided by the game) or disgusting content.
  7. No complaints and discontent about bugs, lag, missing items/Pets, etc. If you need support from the server administration True-Game.ru please contact us using one of the following methods: Discord (need-help or violations channels) or [email protected].
    • When contacting US, do not FORGET to SPECIFY the server / nicknames/nicknames/levels/names of tribes, which will help speed up the solution of the problem. Your complaint will be considered only if you submit a screenshot / video with evidence of the action, or if the administration can verify the violation.
  8. It is forbidden to discuss any actions of the administration. This applies to the time of restarts, rules, penalties, etc. Send your suggestions and questions here: Discrord (channel # ✍ suggestions) or [email protected].
  9. It is forbidden to ignore the administration's warnings.
  10. Full or partial publication of correspondence with the server administration is prohibited.

2. Responsibility and administration.

  1. The administration is not responsible for: the disappearance of items, drops, or creatures (this also applies to transfers), the player or creature getting stuck (dead) in textures, or the death of creatures during growth. An exception can be considered a loss in the event of a server crash or restart (at the discretion of the administration). In this case, you must provide the administration with evidence (screenshots of logs, etc.).
  2. The administration is not responsible for bugs, lags, disappearing Dino / characters, jams, crashes, server crashes. All these claims can be made to your provider and game developers:
    1. ARK: http://www.studiowildcard.com/contact
    2. Conan Exile: https://www.funcom.com/contact-us
    3. PixARK: https://pixark.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  3. The administration does not restore lost creatures or lost items during transfer (transfers or cryocapsules). Also, items and creatures lost in the event of a player leaving the tribe or desertion are not restored. These rules apply both to items and Dinos obtained in the game, and to items and Dinos purchased in the server's Donat store.
  4. If there is more than one person in the tribe, then both the culprit (participant) and the entire tribe are responsible for all misdeeds and violations. Watch out for your allies!

3. Penalties for non-compliance with the rules.

For non-compliance with the rules and common sense, the following measures may be applied to the user:

  • Mut in discord
  • Mut in the game chat
  • Ban in discord
  • Ban in game chat
  • Ban on the server
  • Ban in the cluster
  • Ban by ip
  • Change the name of the game
  • Changing the nickname in the discord
  • Kick from the server
  • Removal of structures
  • Remove the dinosaurs
  • Transfer structures and dynos to other players

The terms for which the above actions are applied depend on the degree of violations and previous achievements on the servers, but are ultimately determined by the administration.