We are happy to welcome you to the PVE cluster Ark Survival Evolved.

Our cluster has all official maps: Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, The Center, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero, and Genesis.

All maps are combined into one large cluster that you can move freely around. In addition, the entire cluster has a shared game chat: if you write something while deep in the caves Aberration, these messages will be seen even by those who conquer the mountain ranges The Island

In Store you will find both starter kits for beginners, so many different cosmetic improvements for your character and your Dinos.

On Discord - the server publishes the latest news about servers and games running on them, also in Discord you can find reference materials for a more comfortable game.

With best regards,


Server monitoring

X5 Cluster
x3 Cluster

ARK servers settings

Servers settings

  • Game mode: PVE/PVP (players choose the game mode themselves)
  • Max. the level of the wild Dino: 150
  • Damage to the system. goals: On
  • Max. traybe players: 20
  • limit of issued dynos: 300
  • Max. character level: 200
  • limit of structures per tribe: 20'000(on each map)
  • Expirience: x3-x5
  • Gathering: x3-x5
  • Incubation: x3-x5
  • Growing: x3-x5
  • Fishing: x1.5
  • Max. the quality of the prints: x1.5

Mods (x5 cluster only)

  • without mutator
  • without personal teleports
  • without s+ transmitter
  • without a babysitter
  • without permanent lifting of structures
  • Resource stacks increased (for main resources 2500)
  • Resource weight reduced by 10 times
  • Search for tamed Dinos
  • Search for the place of death
  • Search for tribe members
  • Distribution of tame Dino levels
  • Wild Dino parameters
  • zoom setting


Communication rules for game chat and Discord server
  1. spam and flood are Prohibited (in a chat that is not intended for this purpose).
  2. it is Forbidden to advertise or mention third-party sites, cheats, and other ARK and Discord servers in chats, and it is also forbidden to agitate either openly or in disguise. Exceptions are informational resources (articles, videos, and other materials that relate to the game and will be useful for both beginners and seasoned players).
  3. it is Forbidden to insult or discriminate against chat participants for any reason or reason.
  4. it is Forbidden to use any obscene language, advertising in any form , or other offensive information in your steam nickname, character name, or in the name of your tribe.
  5. it is Forbidden to use a name in the game that looks similar or exactly matches the names of the administration, registered players, or tribes-names that confuse the identification of players: 123, Person, Admin,#@!% , etc.
  6. it is Forbidden to post any content of an erotic nature (except if provided by the game) or disgusting content.
  7. it is Forbidden to ignore the warnings of the administration and any discussion of the administration's actions regarding the rules, gameplay, restart times, and technical work.
  1. It is forbidden to use third-party programs (cheats), bugs and scripts, as well as any settings, modifications and vulnerabilities of the game / mods/server that give an unfair advantage over other players (the gamma setting is an exception)
  2. It is forbidden to rename a tribe / character in order to impersonate other players.
  3. It is forbidden to sell game items and creatures for real money. You have the opportunity to help financially develop the project and get bonuses on the server.
  4. Forbidden refersto in any of its form (PVE only)
  5. It is forbidden to leave your creatures in the obelisk terminal area, caves with resources/artifacts/bosses, as well as on the territory of other players without their consent.
  6. It is forbidden to change the name of the tribe more often than once a week or during a RAID.
  7. It is forbidden for PVE players to pick up other players and their creatures (as well as carry them away, throw them into the water/lava or from a great height) without their consent.
  8. It is forbidden for PVE players to lock creature traps. If you are actively using the building, please keep it open to everyone, but if not, delete it.
  9. It is forbidden players to lock and build up oil pumps. The resource is limited, share it with your neighbors.
  10. Prohibited for PVP players frequent raids of the same players or tribes, without giving a chance to recover (no more than once in three days).
  11. It is forbidden during PVP to undermine other people's buildings with the help of built-up rafts.
  12. It is forbidden to RAID textures during PVP.
  1. The deliberate creation of foundations and other single structures is prohibited. If such incomplete structures are found, the player is given 24 hours to build a full-fledged building or demolish everything himself. Otherwise, these buildings will be removed by the administration.
  2. It is forbidden to leave behind ownerless buildings, single foundations, stakes, columns, water pipes and other building structures.
  3. It is forbidden to create buildings near a foreign tribe or player without their consent, while creating obstacles to their development (except for raids on the PVP server).
  4. It is forbidden to build pillboxes with turrets in the obelisk area.
  5. It is forbidden to build other people's safes. It doesn't matter if they are abandoned or not.
  6. It is forbidden to build in textures and create hidden points, beds, turrets, or other types of construction or protective structures in them.
  7. Construction of obelisks and approaches to them is prohibited in the area.
  8. It is forbidden to build in caves rich in resources or containing artifacts and boss arenas; underwater caves (The Island); in passages to the surface (Aberration).
  9. It is forbidden to build unique spawns and objects: player spawns; land, desert and underwater drops; beaver dams; stations and flowers (Aberration); terminals (Extinction), deinonychus nests (Valguero).
  1. The administration is not responsible for: disappearing items, drop or creatures (this also applies to transfers), getting stuck (death) of a player or creature in textures, or the death of creatures in the process of growth. An exception can be considered a loss if the server crashes or restarts. In this case, you must provide the administration with proof (screenshots of logs, etc.).
  2. The administration does not restore lost creatures or lost items when transferring (transfers or cryocapsules). Also, items and creatures lost in the event of a player leaving the tribe or deserting are not restored.
  3. If there is more than one person in the tribe, then both the culprit (participant) and the owner/administrator of the tribe are responsible for all misdemeanors and violations. Watch out for your allies!