Merging ARK clusters

Merging ARK clusters

On July 4th, both ARK clusters will be merged into one large cluster.

All servers will have a basic multiplier of x2.
List of cluster maps:

  1.  The Island
  2. Aberration
  3. Scorched Earth
  4. Extinction
  5. Genesis
  6. Genesis 2
  7. Crystal Isles S+
  8. Ragnarok PVP

The migration will take place through The Island maps for cluster x2-x4 and through Crystal Isles for cluster x3-x6.
That is, you need to transfer all the things, resources, dino and characters to the corresponding cluster map.

If you play on a cluster x2-x4 - transfer everything to The Island
If you play on an cluster x3-x6 - transfer everything to Crystal Isles

All servers except The Island and Crystal Isles will be recreated from scratch.

All items must be moved before 19:00 on July 4, Moscow time.

The Ragnarok map will be switched to PVP mode (with offline protection) in addition, the map will have increased rates.

The S+ mod will only remain on the Crystal Isles map. The CupVision mod will also remain there.

Already on the fifth of July, after 12: 00 Moscow time, it will be possible to settle throughout the cluster.

Then the transfer of creatures, resources, and items from the Genesis Part 2 map will also be enabled.

Posted on июнь 5, 2021 by I HAVE A GUN