Project rules

1. Rules of communication in the game, Discord chat and in any other resources related to the community.

1.1. Obscene language, spam, flood, flame in any form are prohibited.

1.2. It is forbidden to advertise or mention third-party sites, cheats and other servers in chats, both gaming and Discord, as well as propaganda, both open and veiled, is prohibited. Exceptions are information resources (articles, videos, and other materials that relate to the game and will be useful to players).

1.3. Insults and discrimination of chat participants for any reason or reason are prohibited.

1.4. It is prohibited to use in steam nickname, character name and in the name of your tribe: obscene language, advertising in any form and other offensive information.

1.5. It is forbidden to use a name in the game that looks similar or exactly matches the names of the administration, registered players or tribes-names that confuse the identification of players: 123, Person, Admin,#@!%, etc. (changed)
1.6. It is prohibited to post any content of an erotic nature (except if provided by the game) or disgusting content.

1.7. Any complaints and complaints about bugs, lags, the disappearance of items/pets, etc. are prohibited. If you need the support of the server administration please contact us via

1.7.1. When contacting, DO NOT FORGET TO SPECIFY the server/nicknames/nicknames/levels/names of tribes that will help speed up the solution of the problem. Your complaint will be considered only upon presentation of a screenshot / video with evidence of the committed action, or if the administration is able to verify the fact of the violation.

1.8. It is forbidden to discuss any actions of the administration. This applies to the time of restarts, rules, penalties, etc. Send your suggestions here: Discrord (channel # ✍  🏼 suggestions). If you have a question for the administration, you can ask it through the form

1.9. It is forbidden to ignore the warnings of the administration.

1.10. Full or partial publication of correspondence with the server administration is prohibited.

1.11.Attempts to bribe the administration are prohibited. The rules are the same for everyone.

2. General rules of conduct for PVP and PVE players

2.1. It is prohibited to use third-party programs( cheats), bugs and scripts, as well as any settings, modifications and vulnerabilities of the game/mods/server that give an unfair advantage over other players.

2.2. It is forbidden to rename a tribe / character in order to impersonate other players.

2.3.The sale of game items and creatures for real money is prohibited. You have the opportunity to financially help the development of the project and get bonuses on the server.

2.4. Griefering in any form is prohibited:

2.4.1. loot corpses/sleeping PVE players
2.4.2. loot bags of PVE players
2.4.3. loot eggs on other people's bases
2.4.4. mating with other dinos without the owner's consent)
2.4.5. inciting / dumping wild dinos on players ' bases without their consent
2.4.6. stealing things from PVE player bases and PVP player bases with PVE mode enabled.
2.4.7. and other types of gryphering, even if they are not described in this paragraph

2.5. It is forbidden to leave your creatures in the area of the obelisk terminal, caves with resources/artifacts/bosses, as well as in the territory of other players without their consent.

2.6. It is forbidden to change the name of the tribe more often than once a week or during a raid.

2.7. It is forbidden to use the transfer of players and creatures in the paws of flying/ground dinos enabled on the server against other players without their consent (i.e. any abuse of the transfer of creatures is prohibited, this also applies to the use of this functionality against other players ' creatures). Violation of this rule can be punished not only by the ban of the violator, but also by disabling this functionality. (an exception can be considered a raid of another tribe).

2.8. It is forbidden for players to lock traps for creatures. If you are actively using the building, then please keep it open to everyone, if not, remove it.

2.9. It is forbidden for players to lock and build up oil pumps. The resource is limited, share with your neighbors.

2.10. It is forbidden during PVP to undermine other people's buildings with the help of built-up rafts.

2.11. It is forbidden to raid textures during PVP.

2.12 On all project servers, the distribution of creatures, items, and resources is prohibited without restrictions, as is the sale of creatures, items, and resources for a purely symbolic fee. A symbolic fee is considered to be a fee less than the cost of crafting in the case of items, or less than the cost of creatures in the project's donat store relative to the cost of this type of creatures in exchange for resources at the rate of the project's donat store. If the creature or item is not in the donat store, then you need to focus on the logic in terms of setting the minimum price. This rule is introduced to reduce game inflation, maintain player interest, and increase the value of player achievements in terms of taming creatures, collecting resources, and finding prints for crafting items.

3. Construction and other things.

3.1. The deliberate creation of foundations and other single structures is prohibited. If such unfinished buildings are found, such buildings will be removed by the administration without warning.

3.2. It is forbidden to leave behind ownerless buildings, single foundations, stakes, columns, water pipes and other building structures.

3.3. It is forbidden to create buildings near a foreign tribe or player without their consent, while creating obstacles to their development (with the exception of PVP base raids).

3.4. It is forbidden to build pillboxes with turrets in the area of obelisks.

3.5. Building other people's safes is prohibited. It doesn't matter if they're abandoned or not.

3.6. It is forbidden to build in textures and create hidden points, beds, turrets or other types of construction or protective structures in them.

3.7. Construction of both obelisks and approaches to them is prohibited in the area.

3.8. Not allowed to build in caves, rich in resources or containing artifacts and arena bosses; underwater caves (The Island); the aisles on the surface (Aberration).

3.9. Prohibited construction unique spawn of the spawn players; land, desert, underwater drops; dams of beavers; stations and flowers (Aberration); terminals (Extinction), socket Deinonychus (Valguero).

3.10. It is forbidden to build any kind of "boxes" with beds all over the map for quick access to key places (obelisks, caves, containers with loot/artifacts, etc.), even if they do not block anything and do not interfere with anyone.

3.11. It is forbidden to build bases in the spawn areas of survivors without the possibility of free access from the territory of your base. If your base is located in the spawn areas of players-show imagination and organize an unhindered exit of newcomers from your territory, use pointers, etc.

3.12. It is forbidden to build more than two bases on one map.

4. Responsibility and administration.

4.1. The administration is not responsible for: the disappearance of items, drops or creatures (this also applies to transfers), the stuck (death) of the player or creature in the textures, the death of creatures in the process of growth. An exception may be considered a loss in the event of a crash or restart of the server (at the discretion of the administration). In this case, you must provide the administration with proof (screenshots of logs, etc.).

4.2. The administration is not responsible for bugs, lags, the disappearance of the dino / characters, jams, crashes, server crashes. All these claims can be made to your provider and game developers:

4.2.1. Ark -
4.2.2. Conan Exiles -

4.3. The Administration does not restore lost creatures or lost items during transfer (transfer or cryocapsules). Also, items and creatures lost in the event of the player leaving the tribe or desertion are not restored. These rules apply both to items and dinos received in the game, and to things and dinos purchased in the server's donat store.

4.4. If there is more than one person in the tribe, then both the culprit (participant) and the entire tribe are responsible for all offenses and violations. Watch out for your allies!

5. Penalties for non-compliance with the rules.

5.1. For non-compliance with the above rules and common sense, the following measures may be applied to the user::

5.1.1. Mut in discord
5.1.2. Mut in the game chat
5.1.3. Ban in discord
5.1.4. Ban in the game chat
5.1.5. Ban on the server
5.1.6. Ban in the cluster
5.1.7. IP ban
5.1.8. Changing the game name
5.1.9. Changing the nickname in the Discord
5.1.10. Kik from the server
5.1.11. Deleting structures
5.1.12. Removing dinosaurs
5.1.13. Transfer of structures and dynos to other players The terms for which the above-described effects are applied depend on the degree of violations and previous achievements on the servers, but are ultimately determined by the administration.