Rules PVP

1. General rules of conduct for PVP players.

  1. It is forbidden to use third-party programs( cheats), bugs and scripts, as well as any settings, modifications and vulnerabilities of the game/mods/server that give an unfair advantage over other players.
  2. It is forbidden to rename a tribe / character in order to impersonate other players.
  3. It is forbidden to sell in-game items and creatures for real money. You have the opportunity to financially help the development of the project and get bonuses on the server.
  4. It is forbidden to change the name of the tribe more often than once a week or during a RAID.
  5. It is forbidden to undermine other people's buildings using built-up rafts.
  6. It is forbidden to RAID textures.

2. Construction and other.

  1. It is forbidden to leave behind ownerless buildings, single foundations, stakes, columns, water pipes and other building structures.
  2. It is forbidden to create buildings near a foreign tribe or player without their consent, while creating obstacles to their development (with the exception of pvp base raids).
  3. It is forbidden to build pillboxes with turrets in the area of obelisks.
  4. Building other people's safes is prohibited. It doesn't matter if they are abandoned or not.
  5. It is forbidden to build in textures and create hidden points, beds, turrets, or other types of construction or protective structures in them.
  6. Construction of both obelisks and approaches to them is prohibited in the area.
  7. It is forbidden to build bases in places where survivors spawn without the possibility of free exit from the territory of your base. If your base is located in places where players spawn-show your imagination and organize an unhindered exit of newcomers from your territory, use pointers, etc.
  8. It is forbidden to build more than two bases on the same map.