Such messages administration in the best case will ignore, and in the worst case will release players who write this from suffering that are associated with the game on our servers. If the player's or players ' dissatisfaction is framed in a constructive form, namely as an offer through the appropriate discord channel,then such an offer will be considered. It may not be accepted, but it is definitely considered.

Here the question itself is not very correct. In fact, the servers do not lag. 99.9 percent of the time, everything is fine with the servers. And there is enough memory, and processors, and the Internet. It often happens that for some time the connection between the server and the client becomes worse...Yes, it can always be bad. That is why the servers are not visited by Americans. They have a very bad ping to the Russian Federation. If you constantly have a bad ping to the servers, then there are three options:

  1. Kicking your provider (in some cases it really helps and if you have such a desire, you can contact me and I will try to help you make a complaint to the provider to the best of my ability and free time)
  2. To endure.
  3. Try to find servers with which the connection will be better. It's not about " Lagging? Go through the forest!"the point is that we can't make sure that everyone has a perfect ping and a short route to the servers, and we definitely don't want players to suffer playing on our servers.

This happens and you should write about it in #main-chat in discord . The administrator may be somewhere far away at this moment, or may be sleeping at all, and when it returns/wakes up, it will turn on the server. In the usual case, if the server crashes with an error, it gets up itself within 15-20 minutes, but there are unpleasant cases when the server refuses to get up itself and then you can't do without manual manipulation.

There are many real, not fictional reasons for this.

  1. Testing and implementing new settings and mechanics. It often happens that in order to understand how to make the game more interesting and more fun, you need to use different options for different settings. And not just try it out, but play with them for a while. This is not always a day / week, and sometimes it is a couple of months, and only then does a certain understanding of how to properly build a game balance really develop. Yes, the players are currently acting as beta testers, and Yes, after a certain period of time, if necessary, the administration can ask the players to give some feedback about how the new settings/functions have taken root. This may be a survey or just a question in the game chat, or it may be clear without surveys.
  2. Complication of the game process. The game should not be too easy. The game should be interesting. The administration is well aware that players may not like various complications, but at the same time tries to focus on their personal experience and research found in various sources.
  3. Fixing game bugs Sometimes some common mechanics are not a feature of the game at all, but a real bug and it needs to be fixed. Sometimes this is done quickly, and sometimes the bug lives for a long time and everyone has time to get used to it, considering it the main feature of the game.
  4. step-by-Step implementation of new features and mechanics. It often happens that some mechanics are introduced not at once, but gradually. Today is removed stops stacking what used to stack, a week later removed the mod on the stacks, and two weeks later the stacks become native and do not require the installation of any mods. Such a multi-step may be necessary both in order to be able to roll back to the previous step, and this may be dictated by the mechanics of implementing changes.
  5. Why it is impossible to start discussions about "What is there again these admins broke" and take part in them Most of the reasons are described above, but there are a few more:
  • There is no such situation in principle that everyone would be satisfied with everything. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the interests of a group of people for the benefit of everyone else. A classic example is voting(in surveys or proposals). According to the results, someone will remain dissatisfied.
  • The dialogue in such discussions is usually very far from constructive.
  • Influence of the moment. The administration tries to think strategically and make plans for the development of the project, and at this moment unpopular decisions may be made that in the future will lead to an improvement in the gameplay/increase in players/leveling the game balance. I will honestly say that we are not trying to cut money, but to make it so that it is pleasant, convenient and interesting to play/communicate/use internal services on our servers.